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Midwifery Services of South Texas


Continuing Education Claudine Crews LM, CPM


Workshops, classes, and other continuing education:

Basic Midwifery Skills (vital signs, abdominal palpation, pelvimetry) * Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation * Fetal heart rate interpretation * Newborn screening certification * Lab work for midwives: prenatal lab tests and interpreting results *  Venipuncture * Suturing & giving injections * Management of complications of labor * Management of postpartum hemorrhage and estimating blood loss * Emergency Skills (breeches, twins, and shoulder dystocia) * Professional Behavior and Communication *  Advanced midwifery skills (breeches, twins, shoulder dystocia, perineal evaluation and repair, newborn assessment), * Bringing Healthy Notions of Childbirth into Mainstream USA * Postpartum Follow Up - the 4th Trimester   * Newborn Examination and Gestational Age Assessment * Psychological Changes During Pregnancy and Preventive Psychological Interventions  * Gestational age assessment of the newborn * Emergency transport of the newborn * Herbology for midwives * Homeopathy for women * Vaginitis - diagnosis and treatment * Vaginal Birth After Cesarean * Prenatal Risk Screening * Maternal Physical Assessment * Examination of the placenta  * Waterbirth * Drugs: Why, When, Where, and Why Not! * Neonatal Complications   * Charting * Fetal Mal-Presentations Apprenticeships * Cardinal Spiraling Movements of Birth *  Physiological Cord Closure * Prevention, Management, Support & Maternal Positioning for Difficult labors * Backing Out - A breech workshop * How to hold a Peer Review * Keeping the Faith (in natural birth) * Rapid HIV Testing for labor * Hypothyroidism in Pregnancy  * Pre-eclampsia Community Guideline (based on NICE recommendations)  * Diagnosing bacterial vaginosis * Postnatal feeding and infant's failure to thrive * Breastfeeding and reducing infections during the first year of life * Serotonin defects & SIDS * Prenatal Vitamins For Mal-nourished Moms [prevent low-birth weight]   * Correct Use of Fertility Tracking [Sympto-Thermal] Method Matches The Pill   * Medications For Midwives  * Intrapartum Sterile Speculum Examination * ICM Core Competencies for Preceptors * Gestational Diabetes












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